The DRUMBEAT Quest therapeutic computer game is a new resource for counsellors and educators based on the award winning DRUMBEAT program. The game has been designed for facilitators and counsellors working with young people between the age of eight to seventeen, in both group and individual settings.

DRUMBEAT Quest teaches a wide range of social and emotional skills central to healthy relationships and also includes a rhythmic element that assists with motor coordination and emotional regulation. The overriding theme of the program is empathy.

DRUMBEAT Quest can be used by child counsellors to open up dialogue on a wide range of issues that may be impacting their client. The game comes with accompanying videos showcasing both group and individual applications as well as a detailed facilitation guide.

“We ran two of our year levels through the DRUMBEAT Quest program this year and the kids were thoroughly engaged by it.  We are a lower socio-economic school with many of our children coming from backgrounds of hardship. The DRUMBEAT Quest program raised important issues for our children and I noticed a great improvement in their social and emotional understanding as a result of this. I also noticed real changes in social  confidence for some of our most isolated and withdrawn children. I would highly recommend this program as a means of engaging children in this important field of learning."

Margaret Sheedy-Dove, Principal, Swan View Primary School, April 2015

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